Making a dollhouse for stuffed animals

Dollhouse for stuffed animals
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / boyntonartstudio

Making a dollhouse for stuffed animals is a great way to make your stuffies feel even more appreciated. Plus it is a great way to expand and enjoy the hoppy even more. Of course there are a few things to keep in mind.

First comes the concern that if you make one dollhouse for stuffed animals, then you will have to make another one and another one and quickly run out of space.Or it may just seem too difficult for you. So lets keep things in perspective.

Stuffed animals are very warm hearted. They don need much to feel appreciated and loved. You may not even make a dollhouse for everyone and they will still be happy. And you don’t have to get all the best possible accessories for them to like it. So with that in mind, lets check out the


Basics for making a dollhouse for stuffed animals

First up is picking the size. There’s no point in making a house for your giant stuffies as basically you will need to build a second real house. So start with something smaller and easier. Souvenir soft toys usually are ideal in size for such a project.

Next get a piece of paper and a pencil and draw your stuffed animal dreamhouse. You can start with a general sketch of what you want to achieve both from the outside and on the inside of the dollhouse. After you’ve formed the idea, start detailing it. Spend some time on perfecting the layout of the house. What rooms will your stuffies need? Take into consideration their characters and build them something special.

Now the actual building can begin. You are only limited by our own fantasy and you can use a huge amount if various materials. At the beginning it is best to keep it simple though as it will be easier to correct possible mistakes. And if you do make mistakes, don’t worry. Mistakes can teach you experience and can always be fixed.

So, lets assume you will build your dollhouse for stuffed animals with cardboard. It is a great choice as it is easy to find, easy to work with and durable. First cut the main walls of the house to size and draw on them where the windows and doors will be, where the floor and roof will begin. Then cut the windows and doors. You may also experiment with different type of windows, for example cut extra cardboard and shape them like a classic San Francisco house.

After you’re done with the main panels, start gluing them together. Don’t rush and take your time. Your main goal here is to create a sturdy enough structure that can carry the weight of the inhabitants.

Now it’s time to set up the rooms. You can follow this article for more detail. It covers the idea of making one small room for stuffed animals, but it can easily be expanded for a dollhouse for stuffed animals.

You can also visit your local hobby shop and/or toy store and check out the selection there. There might be ready made dollhouses that will be able to accomodate your stuffies. Or maybe you will be able to find some cool accessories for them. You can also get some extra fabrics and materials for building your dollhouse to the desired specification.

Have you made your own dollhouse for stuffed animals? We’d love to see it. Or maybe you have extra questions and need some more tips? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.