Lovous Baby Elephant helps babies learn to sit up

Lovous Baby Elephant helps babies learn to sit upStuffed animals are helpful for many occasions, including for the time when babies start to learn to sit up. Like this Lovous Baby Elephant plush toy.

According to BabyCenter, this is a great toy which will help babies learn how to sit up. It’s also helpful for them for quite a few other baby-themed activities.

this soft, cute plush elephant is quite big. It measures at  23.6*17.7*9.6 Inches and will set you back about $29. The eyes are stitched on and there aren’t pieces that can fall off.

It’s also undestuffed and floppier. This makes it easier for babies to rest on it, to hug it and grasp with their hands. So, the elephant can be among their best stuffed friends.

The legs of the elephant are longer and can hug babies or cradle them. So, you can use it as a way to keep the baby straight.

It’s definitely a toy which you have to keep away from the baby when he or she is sleeping. But it’s a great companion for play time and for resting or sitting up.