London’s Night Tube will celebrate with a special plush owl

London's Night Tube will celebrate with a special plush owlThe Transport for London company will sell a special edition plush owl which will be made to celebrate London’s Night Tube. The stuffed animal will be a new symbol of the line.

The company has ordered more than 2000 of the plush owl toys. The stuffed animal will be known as Tooting the Night Tube Owl. The strange name though has specific symbolism, ToyNews reports.

It comes from the Tooting Bec stop on the Northern Line. The bright yellow bird first made an appearance on signs across London Underground stations last year, before the Night Tube was due to start in September.

“Are you a night owl? Meet Tooting, our night owl, a character created to celebrate the extension of the Tube running hours at the weekends – coming soon! What a hoot!” That’s the description of the plush owl on the London Transport Museum website.

It already sells the toy for 9.99 British pounds. The owl will be the symbol of the Night Tube, so having a plush version of it makes sense. After all the Tube has a special place in the hearts of many people. Having a stuffed animal to commemorate it is a great choice.

There’s no word if the 2000 plush owls the company has ordered are simply an initial run or if the toy will be a limited edition. We are thinking, that if there’s enough interest and the toy catches on with tourists, there will be a lot more from the owl to see.