LOL Surprise will get better, eco-friendly packaging

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LOL Surprise will get better, eco-friendly packagingLOL Surprise is still a very popular toy, but it has a bit of an issue. The main point is the surprise factor which means lots of packaging.

Lots of packaging means lots of trash and landfill. And with the huge popularity of surprise toys, this creates a lot of waste.

So, MGA Entertainment wants to fix things. It announced a new partnership with Terracycle, to make it easier for fans to recycle LOL Surprise packaging.

Fans can save every detail from the packaging of their LOL Surprise items. Then, they can go to Terracycle’s website and get a secure shipping label.

Next, fans place the packaging items in a cardboard box and send it to company. It will then recycle everything.

The partnership kicks off in May 2019 in the US. By the end of the year it will get international coverage, as well.

“Excited to announce our partnership with Terracycle to make it even easier for fans to recycle LOL Surprise packaging. Simple and easy – fans will collect their packaging and product assets in a cardboard box from home”, tweeted Isaac Larian, MGA’s CEO, quoted by ToyNews.

MGA wants eventually all their toys and products to get recyclable packaging.