Local woman organizes a teddy bear drive for the Crestview Police

Local woman organizes a teddy bear drive for the Crestview PoliceTeddy bear drives are continuing to gain popularity all over the US. It’s a simple cause, which can be very important to local police and kids in need.

A local woman in Crestview, Fla. is doing just that. She’s organizing a teddy bear drive for the Crestview Police Department, WEAR TV reported.

The event took place this Thursday afternoon at the Eglin Air Force Base. People could go there to give stuffed animals and teddy bears to the cause.

The donated toys will go to the local police officers. They will keep them in their patrol vehicles and will give the toys to kids who are frightened or anxious after a traumatic event.

“When our officers go out into a home and sometimes it’s not the best day for the children that are in the homes, we can take a bad situation, give a child a stuffed animal, and make it easier for them,” said Wanda Hulion, community service officer.

The gathered donations in teddy bear form will also benefit the local police’s annual toy giveaway. It’s called “Cops for Kids” and also has an additional toy run.

The result of this week’s teddy bear drive by Huilon was more than successful. Local people delivered more than 1000 teddy bears to the officers.