Little Bo Baby turns your drawings into stuffed toys

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Little Bo Baby turns your drawings into stuffed toys
Image credit: Little Bo Baby

We often create great characters when we draw. It would be nice if they could come to life in a way and meet us in the real world. A company called Little Bo Baby can make it happen.

The company can take any drawing and turn the people, animals, monsters and other types of creatures into real life stuffed toys. They are made as close to the originals in the drawings as possible.

The whole process is quite simple. You get in touch with the company and send them a copy of the drawing. You can do that via email for example. You can simply take a photo of the drawing with your phone or camera and attach it to the email. You can also tell Little Bo Baby any additional details or requests you have about the future toy.

Also don’t forget to tell them the approximate size you want the toy to be. This means prices will vary for different offers. But the broad range figures are between 35 dollars and 100 dollars. The company offers four sizes for the toys – from 8 inches (20 cm) to 20 inches (50 cm) tall.

You will get a reply from the company that will confirm the drawing is useable and you can set on the final details of your order. Then you simply wait until the toy is made and shipped to you. Usually it takes about two weeks plus shipping time which varies according to the country. The company says it is shipping worldwide.

Little Bo Baby says they are using child-friendly fabrics that are safe. The stuffing for example is 100% hypoallergenic. The toys are made as close to the originals as possible including the colors, shapces and etc. This requires the toys to be handmade.

Little Bo Baby is founded in 2009. The base of the company is in Cape Town. At first the company sold baby accessories (and still does). Slowly the company expanded and started turning drawings into stuffed toys.

It is not the only one in this field. There are others too. Like Budsies for example. Have you used the services of either company? Do you have your favorite drawings turned into toys? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.