Lexa Bear wants to be your new talking and interactive teddy bear companion

Lexa Bear wants to be your new talking and interactive teddy bear companionA new US company called Wetwire Robotics has created the talking teddy bear of the future. Lexa Bear can sync with popular digital assistants like Alexa.

Lexa Bear is a cute looking classic teddy bear. At first sight. It was a Bluetooth module in it and a speaker.

This allows Lexa Bear to connect with other smart speakers, digital assistants and Amazon Alexa devices. It’s also possible to connect to basically any Bluetooth-enabled digital assistant.

Lexa Bear can talk and mimic the device that’s connected to it via Bluetooth. This means you can pair it with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and so on. And then use Lexa just as you would use the digital assistants on other devices.

“We realized early on that Lexa Bear had to be able to react not only to any audio it was connected to but it had to focus its mouth response to the human voice,” said Travis Redding, lead developer and President of Wetwire Robotics to DigitalTrends. “It was really challenging to get Lexa to be able to sing mostly the vocals and not react to the music it was hearing. Now Lexa Bear has a speaking voice and can sing music, too.

Wetwire is currently in a funding campaign on Kickstarter. It hopes to raise at least $35 000 for the completion of the production.

If the goal is reached, Lexa Bear will become a reality. Contributors to the campaign can order one for $79 while the retail version will be $149.