Lets see the top 5 stuffed animals by Gund

Gund is one of the oldest makers of stuffed animals. The company has been around since 1898 and is making quite a lot of stuffies. Here are the top five from their current line up.

Some of you may know that Gund is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of stuffed animals not only because of age or volume. The company has developed quite a few of the safety standards in todays stuffies and has achieved innovations in the manufacturing process.

Gund is also the first toy company to ever get a license to produce stuffed animals based on cartoon characters. That happened 1925 when the company made toys after Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Today Gund makes lots of various stuffed animals, including a whole line of Grumpy cat plushies, themed toys after Valentine’s Day, Sesame Street and many others. Here are some of our current favorites.

Ironically the biggest toy has the smallest picture. This is a jumbo plush version of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. He comes in at 37-inches tall made with soft materials and fabric eyes. Naturally he is always hungry probably just ate the big pictures of him. So here is a small one.

Lets see the top 5 stuffed animals by Gund

This is BOO, the world’s cutest dog. He is 8 inches tall and made out of very soft and cuddly materials. BOO is made after a real-life dog that became an internet sensation and favorite a while back. There is a whole line of BOO toys in various outfits and accessories. This is the original.

BOO the world's cutest dog

Next up is Peter Rabbit. He is based on the Nickelodeon TV series and also comes with a wide variety of versions. The classic Peter Rabbit comes in beanbag form and is five inches tall, ready to cuddle and play.

Peter Rabbit

Here is another Sesame Street favorite. This is a 12-inch tall Elmo Take-Along Buddy. He is super soft and aims to give you a hug every time you need it. He is soft and, according to Gund, floppy, to make him easy to carry around and cuddle.

Elmo Take-Along Buddy

Gund is also making some unsual stuffed animals. They have their own line up called Uglydoll. But they are also Cute and cuddly. Take for example Babo. He may seem a little… stretched, but he is going to always be there for you. He will be always by your side, ready to help, even if sometimes he is a little prone to mischieves himself. He is 26-inches tall ready to hug.

Cuddly Ugly Babo

These are our current top five favorite stuffed animals by Gund. Let us know which ones you like in the comments below or in our forum.