LEGO’s special Women of NASA set became an instant top selling toy

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LEGO's special Women of NASA set became an instant top selling toyLEGO just debuted a special new set called Women of NASA. The set honors a few of NASA’s top women scientists and became an instant classic.

The Women of NASA playset debuted on LEGO’s online store and Amazon on November 1st. It was sold out within 24 hours on Amazon and became the top selling toy.

The kit features more than 200 pieces. With them you can make three builds. The set also features the minifigures of four NASA women and additional info on their contributions. LEGO also started a new online initiative encouraging kids to use LEGO pieces to create their dream jobs.

Who are LEGO’s Women of NASA

Margaret Hamilton. She’s a computer scientist and systems engineer. She developed the flight software used on the Apollo spacecraft.

Mae Jamison and Sally Ride share the same build of a rocked and a launchpad. Jamison is the first African-American woman to orbit the Earth onborad the Endeavour. Ride was the first American woman in space.

Nancy Grace Roman is the fourth woman in the set. She’s known as the Mother of Hubble as she had a key role in the creation of the famous space telescope.

“The original concept included Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician with expertise in celestial navigation. Her accurate calculations of launch windows and backup return paths guided astronauts Alan Shepard and John Glenn in their space missions”, Tech Times reports. Sadly she couldn’t be included due to permission issues to use her name and image.

The Women of NASA LEGO set is still bound to be an all-time classic and a must for LEGO collectors. If you can, grab one as soon as possible.