LEGO’s minifigures turn 40 years old

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LEGO's minifigures turn 40 years oldThis is a big year for LEGO. The famous toy bricks just celebrated their own anniversary. Now the popular minifigures also have a celebration of their own.

The LEGO Minifigures turned 40 years old. They were introduced in the end of August 1978.

Since then the figures have been in every big LEGO set and in quite a big array of smaller sets. They are a fan favorite and have had versions of pretty much all famous movie and pop culture characters.

The original lineup included 20 figures which were a police officer, doctor, firefighter, knight and more. At first they were simply a smaller version of LEGO’s maxifigs which were bigger.

The Minifigures though were quite the instant classic. Fans loved them and they added a much needed feel of life to the play sets.

LEGO has made over 8000 different Minifigures over the past 40 years. They have 650 different faces and over the past few years they have been the stars of several movies. Another big hit are the mystery bags collection.

LEGO created the modern toy bricks in 1958. After a rocky start, today they have grown to be one of the biggest toy properties of all time.