LEGO won a court battle with a big imitator

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LEGO won a court battle with a big imitatorPopular companies and products often have to battle with lots of imitators. LEGO is also having such a problem and recently won a big case.

LEGO has beaten the Chinese company Lepin, owned by Longjun Toys, to get the trademark from the UK IPO office, ToyNews reports. The office asked LEGO to provide proof of its own trademark dominance, to which LEGO responded with five years of sales figures.

As a result, the IPO cancelled the trademark on March 19th 2019. The grounds for the decision are: “consumers were likely to be confused when trying to distinguish between LEGO and Lepin.”

According to the IPO consumers may think that Lepin’s constructors are a Chinese version of LEGO and they are not. Even so, they have a lot of similar lines like Star Wars, Lepin City, Lepin Technician and others.