LEGO will make Adventure Time playsets

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LEGO will make Adventure Time playsetsLEGO is currently developing a new product line. It will feature several playsets of the popular animated series Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.

The Adventure Time series has grown to be very popular amongst the fans of animation. So it was a matter of time before it gets out of the TV and into the real world in some form. This includes new LEGO sets.

The LEGO Adventure Time building set was first introduced on the LEGO Ideas platform. It was created by a LEGO fan going by the nickname aBetterMonkey. He or she uploaded a few images of the set and quickly got 10 000 votes from the LEGO community, ToyNews reports.

This is the required minimum for a LEGO Ideas project to get reviewed by the company for a possible real manufacturing. It seem that LEGO liked the idea as it quickly secured a partnership with Cartoon Network and a license to turn the Adventure Time playset idea into an actual product.

What exactly will the future playset feature is still unknown. It is also not known how many pieces will there be, what will be the theme. It is expected that the company will first give it a try with a one or two sets and if there is enough interest, the Adventure Time line will grow quickly. A release date for the first set is also not known for the time being.