LEGO unveils details about new Batman v Superman playsets

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LEGO unveils details about new Batman v Superman playsetsEven though the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is still a few months away, LEGO is already preparing new Batman v Superman playsets.

LEGo is planning four, yes four, playsets that will be themed around the movie from the get-go. They are scheduled for a release two months before the movie hits the cinemas. This means they should be out early next year. It seems like a bit of a bad timing from LEGO since the sets would miss the big holiday shopping spree. Probably the company is pretty¬†sure that Batman and Superman are so popular they don’t need the special holiday boost to perform well.

The first set will be a Microscale version of the Batmobile. It would be in the cheapest range since it is small and easy to do, according to just2good from Eurobricks.

Next it is the still untitled set with a number #76044. It will include a mini diorama of a Batsignal along with two minifigures of Batman and Superman, Kryptonite and several other tiny accessories. The price for this set is expected to be 14.99 dollars.

The third set is also untitled, but it features a properly scaled Batmobile which the Batman minifigure and actually ride. There are also two henchmen ready to be taken in custody by the hero. They also have a LexCorp vehicle to try and escape. The price for this set is going to be $29.99 and the set’s number is #76045.

The last set (for now) is #76046. It will set you back $69.99 but it features the biggest array of toys. It includes a Batwing, LexCorp Helicopter, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Henchmen Minifigures. All of these are expected in January 2016 and there is a possibility for even more Batman and Superman playsets when the movie hits the cinemas. It all depends on how it will perform, although we are pretty sure there will be at least a couple of more sets with buildings not only vehicles.