LEGO unveiled its first ever playsets for Olympic mascots for Rio 2016

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LEGO unveiled its first ever playsets for Olympic mascots for Rio 2016For the first time ever, LEGO has made build sets for official Olympic and Paralympic mascots. Meet Vinicius and Tom who will grace the games in Rio 2016.

So far LEGO hasn’t had any involvement in the Olympic games or the Paralympic games ever. The company though has now finally found an interesting way to commemorate the big sports events.

Naturally, this means new lines of LEGO playsets. Named after two icons of Brazilian music, Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim the Olympic and Paralympic mascots have become quite popular in Brazil. They can now be seen pretty much everywhere as the country gets ready to host the 2016 Olympic games this summer.

The LEGO Olympic and Paralympic mascots builds will be offered in a combined set. It will feature a total of 197 pieces to make both the orange Vinicius (who is the mascot for the Olympic games) and the blue Tom (the mascot for the Paralympic games).

You will be able to make LEGO-ified figurines of both mascots together. Each figure will feature articulated parts and will be able to stand on its own in various poses.

The two LEGO figures join the already popular plush toys and figures of the fun mascots.