LEGO unveiled its first Doctor Who playset

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LEGO unveiled its first Doctor Who playset
Image credit: LEGO

The fans of popular sci-fi series Doctor Who, aka Whovians, who also like LEGO, are about to get a real treat. LEGO has shown it’s first Doctor Who playset.

The playset will be in the stores starting December 1st of this year. It will be based around the TARDIS which you will be able to build into a working structure. This means it will allow you to see the world inside the TARDIS and use the console room that houses all the flight controls.

The set also comes with four minifigures and several accessories: the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald and a Weeping Angel, plus 2 Daleks. The LEGO Doctor Who playset is created by LEGO designer Andrew Clark. He showed off his idea on the LEGO fan invention site LEGO Ideas. It was liked quite a lot so it was turned into a mass production set.

The set features 623 pieces. The finished TARDIS is five inches high, six inches wide and nine inches deep, ToyNews reports. The set was shown off by the official Doctor Who YouTube video channel as well. You can see it in detail right here:

If you are not familiar with the series, Doctor Who is about a Time Lord – the Doctor – exploring the universe in a blue police box. Due to trans-dimensional engineering, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside. It has been a BBC stable for decades and it still has a very big fan base all over the world. It is actually a small wonder a themed LEGO playset took this long to materialize in the real world. Perhaps it was stuck somewhere between the dimensions.