LEGO to introduce six new Hidden Side playsets in 2020 and multiplayer mode

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LEGO to introduce six new Hidden Side playsets in 2020 and multiplayer modeLEGO is definitely banking more and more on its interactive toy line Hidden Side. And 2020 is going to be big for this augmented reality toy line.

According to the latest LEGO news from ToyNews the company is planning to add six new Hidden Side playsets in 2020.

The new sets are: Haunted Fairground, Lighthouse of Darkness, El Fuego’s Stunt Plane, Welcome to the Hidden Side, Jack’s Beach Buggy and Newbury Subway;

Along with them, LEGO will also introduce a multiplayer mode. This will allow kids from all over the world to play together with their Hidden Side playsets and their AR apps on their mobile devices. The multiplayer mode will not feature voice chat or other means of communications.

Instead, players will only be able to use a few built-in emojis and phrases. All of them are carefully curated by LEGO to promote encouragement and inspiring other players. The goal is player to have fun and not be in a toxic environment.

The multiplayer game will feature to modes – Play as a Hunter and Play as a Ghost. In the first one, one player has to find and catch a few ghosts which are actually other players roaming a haunted Hidden Side digital world. The second mode, obviously, allows the player to be a ghost instead of a hunter.

The multiplayer games can be played by several people in the same room or via the Internet. And the multiplayer mode is compatible with the 2019 Hidden SIde playsets. The multiplayer mode will arrive in early 2020. On the other hand, the new Hidden Side playsets will come out througout 2020.