LEGO teases its first wooded toy in over 50 years

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LEGO teases its first wooded toy in over 50 yearsYou might not know, but back in the day LEGO was not only making its plastic colorful bricks. The company actually was also offering wooden toys.

According to 9to5Toys, LEGO is now preparing to come back to wooden toys. The company is teasing that it will bring its first wooden toy in over 50 years soon.

This will happen with the LEGO Originals line which is expanding. On November 1st, 2019, LEGO will launch a pop-up gallery at Covent Garden in London.

There the company will display blueprints of some plastic and wooden toys. Among them are some new additions to both lines.

For now though LEGO is managing to keep the details under wraps. What is known is that the new wooden toy will be a collectible and not a mass produced item. As a result, it will carry a hefty price tag – $144.

It’s going to be interesting to see what will LEGO offer an whether it will be the start of a new line or just a one-off. The company is on a mission to lower the use of plastics, so it may be exploring options. Or it may just be feeling the need to remind the old days once again.