LEGO shows off new Disney Castle set with 4080 pieces

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LEGO shows off new Disney Castle set with 4080 piecesLEGO is expanding its Disney collection with a huge new play set. It is a 4080-piece Disney Castle complete with minifigures of some of the best characters.

The LEGO Disney Castle is based on the Cinderella Castle which is the centerpiece of Disney World theme park in Orlando. And it is quite realistic we think. Castles certainly do look great in LEGO form.

The finished set is almost 30 inches tall. The castle features all of the best and most beloved details. It pays homage to some of Disney’s most popular movies and stories, including Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin.

Meet the huge LEGO Disney Castle

The playset features five LEGO Minifigures as well. They are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck and Tinkerbell. Of course, you can add and use any other LEGO Minifigure you want with the playset.

The LEGO Disney Castle is not cheap. The set will cost $350, which is a lot. But then again, there are not a lot of 4080-piece sets out there, so the price is somewhat realistic for the huge amount of fun and constructing you get.

Plus, the Castle is not only for show. It actually features a detailed interior with several opening buildings. The main one is a full five stories. Many of the room have additional options and functions like a spinning wheel, chests with accessories, curtains and many more.

There are also many additional “easter eggs”. For example you can remove part of the roof section to discover Cinderella’s glass slipper. It is a set which will definitely get the center stage of you LEGO world. Aladdin’s magic carpet is also hidden somewhere in the castle.

The LEGO Disney Castle is already on sale and it is awaiting you.