LEGO partners with Super Mario for a toy line

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LEGO partners with Super Mario for a toy lineCue the Super Mario Bros theme. LEGO and Nintendo are partnering for a new toy line. It will see the creation of LEGO-fied Mario sets and figures.

LEGO announced the partnership on Twitter. The company posted the image along with a short clip.

It’s also coming with the classic line, a bit modified: “It’s-a me, LEGO Mario!”

So far, the company simply says “Stay tuned”. The company is managing to keep the rest of the plans a secret. It’s safe to assume thought that we will be seeing new LEGO playsets recreation famous Super Mario levels, scenes, stories.

We also expect to see a lot of new Minifigures representing our favorite characters. Hopefully we will hear more news soon.

What we also know is that Super Mario is also getting a collaboration with Levi’s. The clothing firm introduced a Mario-themed collection of denim. So, it’s going to be a lot of new stuff and choices for Mario fans.