LEGO makes special slippers to ease the pain of stepping on a brick

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LEGO makes special slippers to ease the pain of stepping on a brickParents (and kids) all over the world know the pain of stepping on a LEGO brick. It has even become an internet meme, but now LEGO has made special slippers to ease the pain.

LEGO has teamed with Brand Station to create special slippers with extra padding on the bottom of the feet. They are to be used exclusively in homes where LEGO bricks can be always found on the floor.

So this would make them an ideal choice for the late night trips to the bathroom for example. They can also help you avoid pain when entering your kid’s room or when you are tiding up after play time.

The slippers are specially made and are shaped like rectangles to resemble LEGO bricks. If you want one, you are most likely out of luck. The LEGO slippers are a special edition available only via the LEGO France website. There will be only 1500 pairs made and they will be given out randomly to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on LEGO France’s website.

But you never know… if they prove to be successful and the demand is high enough, the special LEGO slippers just might become a full on product that everyone can buy. It is for sure that LEGO has just opened that market up and there will be unofficial LEGO slippers out in no time. It seems like a no brainer for the company to take part even if it is slightly out of its usual bricky daily routine.