LEGO is working on the biggest ever playset and it’s going to be for Star Wars

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LEGO is working on the biggest ever playset and it's going to be for Star WarsWhat’s the only bad thing about LEGO? That eventually the playset is finished. Well, with this new one, play time is going to be much, much longer.

On Twitter LEGO teased an image of it’s newest playset. And it’s going to be the biggest commercial LEGO playset the company has ever done!

The biggest LEGO playset so far is the Taj Mahal. It has 5922 pieces in total. The new Star Wars playset will have 1619 pieces more, LEGO says.

This brings it up to a whopping 7541 pieces. Imagine the size of the box that all of this LEGO goodness will come in!

And imagine the size and detail of the item you will be able to create with it. LEGO doesn’t say what the set is going to be for. Since it’s so big, we imagine it’s going to be either one of Star Wars’ spaceships or the Death Star.

ToyNews reports that fans on Reddit have spotted a previous teaser image from LEGO which had the tag UCS MF. LEGO later removed it, but fans think it could mean Ultimate Collectors Set Millennium Falcon.

So far, LEGO is not say anything about the set. We don’t even know when it’s going to release it. We hope it’s going to be on Force Friday which is on Sept. 1st 2017. If not, then it’s for sure going to make it in time for the holiday shopping spree.