LEGO is remaking its bricks in order to keep them the same

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LEGO is remaking its bricks in order to keep them the sameLEGO is and probably will be one of the most classic and popular toys for a lot more time. In order to assure that, the company wants to remake its bricks.

A new report by the SFGate says that currently LEGO is working on a complete makeover of how its bricks are made. The goal? To keep them exactly the same.

Wait. That sounds a bit confusing. Why remake something to keep it the same? Well, LEGO has some very good reasons.

For one, it wants to ensure the longevity of its playsets. LEGO is currently working on new bricks which are made entirely from plant-based or recycled materials. The company wants to offer all of its toys with such materials by 2030.

It also wants to keep the same properties of the bricks. They have to be equally strong and durable, equally easy to use and to retain their colors for as long as possible.

All of this means that LEGO basically has to recreate the same product using different materials. “We need to learn again how to do this,” said Henrik Ostergaard Nielsen, a production supervisor at Lego’s factory in Billund.

Lego emits about 1 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, about three-quarters of which comes from the raw materials that go into its factories, according to Tim Brooks, the company’s vice president for environmental responsibility. It wants to change that by eliminating plastic bags, using recycled materials and more. It’s going to be a lot of work, but LEGO is confident it will complete it successfully.