LEGO is preparing new Toy Story 4 playsets

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LEGO is preparing new Toy Story 4 playsets
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

As we’ve said before, 2019 will see an avalanche of movie-related toys. Some of them are already starting to come out. Like LEGO’s new Toy Story playset.

The Brick Fan reports that it found some 2019 European LEGO catalogs. In them there are a few pictures of future Toy Story 4 playsets.

The sets are in the LEGO Juniors 4+ and DUPLO ranges. We can expect them to features the main characters along with main locations and scenarios from the movie.

What’s interesting is that the catalogue doesn’t revel anything about the playsets. It only has a banner saying there’s going to be Toy Story 4 playsets.

You see, this is a nice way to both confirm there will be Toy Story 4 related playsets and not give out spoilers for the movie. Nicely done by LEGO.

Still, the first Toy Story 4 LEGO playsets are scheduled for May, 2019 – about a month before the cinema debut of the movie. But by then we suppose the trailers will have given out enough from the story so the playsets won’t feature spoilers.