LEGO is exploring the option of renting toys

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LEGO is exploring the option of renting toysLEGO is working on new ways to improve sustainability and lower emissions. One of them is to create a toy renting service for its products, the Financial Times reports.

The idea is to lower the amount of bricks and change their materials. LEGO’s vice president Tim Brooks says the company is open to the idea of a rental scheme.

But it has to come down to the value proposition. We have to start at the point that says what is in it for the consumer. That is what we are just unpicking at the moment. It is possible, but there are some technical barriers”, he says.

For example, how to ensure that when you rent a LEGO kit and return it, you will always return all bricks and items?

“What are the chances of giving them to an eight year old child and getting them all back again?” said Brooks. “There is a lot of technical thinking that needs to be done… we are right at the beginning of that.”

Brooks adds, that LEGO works on a lot of options and the rental idea is just one of many. Most will never be realized, but out of them eventually will come a few that will. The main goal of LEGO is by 2030 to have phased out fossil fuel-based plastics in its products.