LEGO is developing new eco-friendly bricks

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LEGO is developing new eco-friendly bricks
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mike Mozart

LEGO has announced it is working on developing new eco-friendly bricks. They are set to be ready by 2030 and replace the current plastic that it is using.

The company will be investing quite a lot of money into the research and development of new bricks. Currently LEGO is using oil-based plastic to make its famous bricks, which isn’t all that great for the environment since it requires oil.

“You could say that it’s a logical place for us to find a way of reducing our environmental footprint. If you look at our CO2 footprint as a company, the majority of our impact comes from offscreen activities – basically what happens before we receive any raw materials in our factory”, Roar Trangbaek, press officer for the LEGO Group said to Infoblizzard.

What will the new LEGO bricks be made out of? It is still to early to say. There will be years of research dedicated to answering this question. The company has set $150 million on its new Sustainable Materials Center where the new bricks will be developed.

While it sounds like an easy task, it may not be. There are countless of details to consider. From the color pigments, to the strength of each brick, it’s durability and longevity. For fans the experience should not change or it should remain as close to the original as possible. Then comes the actual production of the said new bricks – will it be easier, or cheaper. There are a lot of questions that will need answers. Only then we would know if and when the new bricks will actually become a reality.