LEGO introduces its first ever baby Minifigure

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LEGO introduces its first ever baby MinifigureLEGO continues to evolve. The famous toy company has introduced its first ever Minifigure of a baby. It is part of the updated LEGO City playset line.

The first ever baby Minifigure will be part of the new LEGO City people pack called Fun in the Park, ToyNews reports. It will feature several different minifigures, including a family of two parents and one baby minifigure.

The pack can be used for any LEGO playset and scenario you envision. They are most suitable for the various LEGO City sets, including the two new ones called LEGO City Airport and LEGO City Volcano.

Now, there have been several LEGO airports already. This one though might just take the cake as it comes with several playsets. It features a passenger terminal which can be set up with passenger and cargo planes and a postal helicopter. There is an option to transform the terminal in an Airport Air Show.

The range is complete with stunt planes, hangar, pilots and mechanics. It also includes the Airport Passenger Terminal set, Airport VIP Service set, Airport Cargo Plane set, Airport Air Show set, and Airport Starter Set.

The LEGO City Volcano is not exactly a city, but it can look really cool in the outskirts of your LEGO city. The new range features the Volcano Exploration Base set, Volcano Supply Helicopter set, Volcano Crawler set, Volcano Exploration Truck set, and the Volcano Starter Set.

All of the sets are already available to the retailers so they will be in the stores in due time.