LEGO introduces AR playsets

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LEGO introduces AR playsetsLEGO is once again on top of all tech trends in toys. The company now introduced a new line of playsets featuring AR (Augmented Reality).

The new LEGO Hidden Side are your typical playsets at first glance. They are for kids ages 7+ and feature an interesting ghost looking building and surroundings.

The playset, which will debut during the New York Toy Fair, has a special feature. They come with a mobile app which kids can install on a smartphone or a tablet.

Open up the app and point the camera of the device toward the set when it has been built. A whole new world with ghosts and hidden, interactive mysteries will discover itself before you. Kids can play with the interactive features and save the haunted world from the ghosts.

“Our years of experience pioneering the convergence of technology and physical play have taught us that kids expect exciting play experiences that move seamlessly between physical and digital worlds – something we call fluid play,” said Tom Donaldson, senior vice president, Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group.

There are a total of 8 different playsets in the new toy range. Kids can then explore each of those playsets and their worlds in various settings, taking the role of one of the main characters of the story.

As we have designed LEGO Hidden Side, physical manipulation of the LEGO models alters the AR experience, and the AR experience prompts new things to discover in the physical models, creating a deeply engaging reciprocal play experience in two worlds that has never been seen before”, Donaldson adds.

The app also has a separate game which kids can play without the playsets. And LEGO will continuously update the app adding new ghosts, challenges and so on. This way kids will be able to play differently with the same sets many times. Just as we all do with the regular LEGO playsets. LEGO will release the new playsets globally in by the end of summer 2019.