LEGO introduces a new line of connected toys and playsets

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LEGO introduces a new line of connected toys and playsetsLEGO is joining the connected toys party with another line of playsets. It’s called Powered Up and will let us create cool toys which we can control with mobile apps.

The first set in the series is a special Batmobile. The set comes with two pre-built remote interfaces which comes in the form of an app for Android or iOS.

There’s also the option to use a remote control which you can personalize with sliders andĀ buttons. Each set will have a host of functionalities. Later on, LEGO will add a coding interface which will allow kids to create additional features.

In the Batmobile’s case, this will mean coding speed, direction, sound and even new stunts and movements. The Batmobile will hit the stores on August 1st and it will cost $159.99.

It may seem pricey, but the set has 321 pieces, two motors and a battery hub. There’s also an additional Boost kit which will cost $159.99, too. It will add an extra motor, combination color and distance sensor and 843 additional LEGO parts.

And all of this is just the start. LEGO plans to release lots of playsets under the new line. Each will vary in complexity and will offer different themes, possibilities and features.

LEGO already plans new sets for the LEGO City Passenger Train and the City Cargo Train. The LEGO Duplo Steam Train and Cargo train will also get connected features. All of this will give kids more options for their playtime, but it will also help them learn coding basics which are going to be a vital skill in the future.