LEGO Dimensions will feature open world gameplay (video)

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LEGO Dimensions will feature open world gameplay (video)

LEGO Dimensions seems to be getting more and more interesting. The game will now feature an open world gameplay and many other cool features to entertain us.

In order to unlock the open world, players must have a matching minifigure from the 14 different brands that will be featured in LEGO Dimensions. The game demo was showcased during Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany and Andy Robertson has had access to it.

The minifigure must be placed on the special toy pad. This will make the character appear on screen too, where it can be controlled and used to explore the extensive open world. Actually, there are several open worlds. Players can attain them by getting Team and Fun packs with minifigures and playsets. They will unlock in-game characters and related worlds. New levels can be added by buying Level packs.

Brands are integrated into each other. Their worlds while separate, are not entirely standalone. Some areas can be accessed only with help from other figures and characters. For example in the world of Wizard of Oz there are some collectable items guarded by ghosts. The only way to get to the items is by bringing a character from Ghostbusters who can clear the ghosts away.

All of this is done to give more incentives to gamers to get LEGO Dimensions minifigures and playsets. It also allows for a wider list of possibilities in the game. Additional options in the open worlds are unlocked after you complete the main story campaign as well.

During Gamescom a short demo of LEGO Marve’s Avengers videogame was also shown. This is a game which is separate from LEGO Dimensions. It is set to be released next year and will feature over 150 Marvel-only characters. The main story is to be based on the Ant Man and Age of Ultron movies.