LEGO Dimensions gets a final trailer and YouTube series

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LEGO Dimensions gets a final trailer and YouTube seriesThe upcoming LEGO Dimensions video game is almost here. Warner Bros. has unveiled its final launch trailer and said there will be a YouTube series, too.

The game will be available from September 29th. It will allow players to explore various open worlds and play as characters from dozens famous movies and series, including Star Wars, Scooby-Doo, The Lord of the Ring, Batman, Superman and many, many more. Fans will also be able to build new vehicles and gadgets by combining real LEGO items together and then using them in he game.

There will also be a story mode where the heroes will work together to save the LEGO Universe. Gameplay can be changed depending on what LEGO Dimensions play sets the gamer has and uses. There will be several different levels of play sets unlocking extra game content and open worlds.

Here is the full launch trailer that will show you what you can expect.

Along with the game, a new YouTube series will start on LEGO Dimensions’ official channel. It will be a weekly series and will show unboxings of new play sets and it will also give insider tips and information about the game. So if you want to find extra cool stuff, Easter eggs or simply tip on how to beat a level, the YouTube series will be your place to go. A new episode will be uploaded every Thursday.

The long wait for LEGO Dimensions is almost over. Here is what you need to know about the game. Also you can check out some extra stuff about the open worlds, too.