LEGO details some of its new playsets at the London Toy Fair 2016

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LEGO details some of its new playsets at the London Toy Fair 2016
Image credit: LEGO

During the London Toy Fair 2016 LEGO has shown off some of its new play sets it has lined up for this year. It seems most of the stuff will be a surprise.

According to BrickFanatics, this year LEGO is even more secretive than usual. Most of the playsets were not complete or not displayed and so on. As per the rule of these events, no photos are allowed, so there is even less information.

To be perfectly honest, we generally don’t get this. The whole point of exhibitions, expos and fairs is to show off your latest, newest and coolest stuff and gauge the interest of some of your near-future releases. Keeping everything under wraps simply goes against the whole idea of a fair.

Especially at a time when toy sales are just starting to show a spark of life, it should be a good idea for the companies to try and attract as much attention as possible. Over the next few weeks there are the three biggest toy fairs in the world – London, Nuremberg and New York. It is a great time and opportunity to spark some interest.

Anyway, we are getting carried away. Here are some of the notes BrickFanatics has shared about LEGO’s sets. For the full list, check out the source.

Unnumbered Doctor Strange set – style build set in doctor Strange’s lab. With bookshelves, a table, and a portal with a red tentacled demon beast coming through. Sanctum sanctorum probably. Can’t tell which minifigures, but someone holding a chain with a trans orange radar dish, and someone holding two fans.

76054 – Scarecrow’s Harvest of fear – Features Scarecrow, a farmer, anti-gas Batman and Killer Moth. Also features a bat-copter and Scarecrow’s combine harvester vehicle.

75148 – Encounter on Jakku – The scene from Star Force Force Awakens where Teedo on a Luggabeast snares BB-8. Comes with Unkar Plutt, Rey, BB-8, Teedo and a brick built luggabeast.