LEGO debuts a giant Voltron playset for the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con

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LEGO debuts a giant Voltron playset for the 2018 San Diego Comic-ConThe 2018 San Diego Comic-Con is always the place where some quite interesting toys debut. As is the case with the new LEGO Voltron playset.

The LEGO Voltron will have pretty much everything you might expect. It’s quite a big set coming in at 2321 pieces and will cost $180.

You get to build all five robots as the big cats you know and love them. Then, they all transform and connect to each other to build Voltron.

Basically you get a total of six toys. Plus, the Voltron and cat-robots look quite cool as the original animation was also a bit blocky.

The complete Voltron will stand at 15-inches tall and has “extra-strong joints” to move about. The lions are about 3-inches tall. And Voltron also has additional accessories likes the sword and shield from the series. Beware, this is not a regular LEGO toy. As you can see on the packaging, its for ages 16+. So, it’s actually quite the collector’s item.

Want to add the Voltron LEGO set to your collection? You can get it at the 2018 San Diego Comic-con. Can’t go to the event? Then, you have to wait until August 1st, 2018. That’s when the LEGO Voltron set will hit the stores.