LEGO, DC Comics and Warner introduce a new line of Minifigures

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LEGO, DC Comics and Warner introduce a new line of MinifiguresLEGO announced a new partnership with Warner and DC Comics. It will lead into a whole new line of collectible Minifigures of famous characters.

The new line will make its way towards the stores in 2020. It will feature a total of 16 new minifigures to collect.

As you can expect, the Minifigures will retain the classic idea. They will come in blind bags and fans will have to rely on luck and trades to get all of them.

The new Minifigures cast features popular characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and others. There are also the Bat-Mite, Jay Garrick Flash, Metamorpho, Stargirl, The Joker, and Rebirth Superman. Joining the selection are also Batman First Appearance, Aquaman Classic Cheetah, Teen Titans Bumblebee and 1966 Wonder Woman.

DC Comics and LEGO will use the line to popularize some less known characters as well. Among them are Mr Miraclee, Teen Titans Cyborg, Simon Baz Green Lantern, Classic Sinesro, and Huntress.

The full name of the collection if LEGO Collectable Minifigures DC Series. It comes in it’s own line of packaging as well. Fans will be able to get them starting from January 2020.