LEGO created a special exhibition recreating world’s masterpieces

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LEGO created a special exhibition recreating world's masterpieces
Image credit: ABC

The world has some amazing masterpieces in art, architecture, jewelry and many other areas. LEGO created a special exhibition which recreates 50 of them.

The exhibition is already open in Sydney, ABC News reported. It aims to inspire more kids to learn more about famous landmarks, artefacts and masterpieces.

The LEGO exhibition is made by Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught. He is the only certified LEGO professional in Australia. He and his team took thousands of hours to build all pieces.

The exhibition cost more than $1 million. “So we’re using a material that kids think is awesome and ace and really topical and we can teach them about things that they don’t necessarily know about,” he said.

The LEGO exhibition features recreations of the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David. Even the UK Queen’s Crown Jewels have their own LEGO recreations.

“Like all good things, there are usually jokes for the kids and jokes for the adults and that’s exactly what it is with our Lego models too. So, we have lots of stuff that the kids find interesting and of course lots of hidden stuff for adults too,” he said.

The exhibition also has some great effects already. Josh Morris, who is part of the Sydney LEGO community, says he started collecting and building again to bond with his children. Plus, you get both entertainment and learn a lot about the world’s culture.