LEGO adds new Toy Story 4 playsets for the younger fans

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LEGO adds new Toy Story 4 playsets for the younger fansThe release day of Toy Story 4 is fast approaching and LEGO is fully on board. The company introduced several new themed playsets for the younger fans.

They will be pleased by several choices in the 4+ range. This range features a style which is similar to the classic LEGO bricks and design, but is a bit more simple.

The range aims to help younger kids build up their LEGO skills and confidence. It will make them ready for the more complex LEGO sets when they grow up a bit.

As for the Toy Story 4 range, it has several interesting sets. It will start with a total of 6 set in the range. Some of them will be character-specific.

For example, the Duke Caboom’s Stung Show which has a “ring of fire”, ramp, motorcycle, cars and more. There are also minifigures of Duke and Woody in this set and it will cost $20.

Another set is the Toy Story 4 RV Vacation. It features an RV with several features, walls, mini-house, gates and more. There are also figures of Jessie, Alien, Rex and Forky.

There’s also a big set called Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania. It has lot of details like cannons, bumper cars, tables, benches, a spinning Terrorantulus, even an ice cream shop. And several minifigures of course. All of it is simple, ideal for younger kids.