LEGO adds 18 new Disney Minifigures to its line

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LEGO adds 18 new Disney Minifigures to its lineLEGO has expanded its popular Minifigures line with 18 new figures. All of them are of famous Disney characters, including Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Some of the characters have already had Minifigures done. Now they will get revamped and improved versions. They look even closer to the original characters. Some of them are quite realistic.

The line-up features 18 characters. Among them you will find Buzz Lightyear, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. There are also Ariel, Stitch, Daisy Duck and more.

The LEGO Disney Minifigures will follow the traditional specs of the Minifigures line. They will not be tied to a particular set and are of their separate and own collection. Each Minifigure will cost about $3.99 or the equivalent of your local currency.

The figures will be packaged in secure bags. It means you will not know which one you would get until you buy it and open it. This means that gathering all 18 characters might be a challenge. Unless you have friends who also like the collection. Then you can trade.

Or you can simply keep them and have themed Minifigures for more than one playset. This is also a great solution. The LEGO Disney Minifigures are expected to be in the stores from May this year onwards.