Leaked Star Wars toys spoil parts of the new movie

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Leaked Star Wars toys spoil parts of the new movieThe plot about the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens are a closely guarded secret. But leaked pictures of new toys and their packaging actually spoil it.

The Telegraph has noticed that on eBay there are several online auctions selling what they claim to be some of the new Star Wars action figures from the new movie The Force Awakens. They appear to be the real deal since the toys are due to be in the stores by September 4th 2015, so they have been long made and are starting to be shipped all over the world.

The packaging of the toys, which are currently auctioned for up to 99 dollars a pop in order to grab impatient Star Wars fans, seems to be revealing specific plot details about the movie as well as interesting character descriptions about the new heroes in the movie.

So, beware, the next few paragraphs might have spoilers about the movie.

Amongst the most notable new details is a character called Constable Zuvio who is named on the back of Finn’s action figure packaging. It appears that some of the accessories Zuvio and Finn come with can be combined to make new items. This is a new feature to encourage the fans to get the full collection as only this way they can get all of the specific items that otherwise can’t even be built.

According to the descriptions on the back of the packaging of the Storm Trooper, there will be new troopers, too – Flame Trooper and a Resistance Trooper.

Unsurprisingly fans were having mixed reactions about the leak. Some were saying that it would have been much better for the toys to be unveiled during Comic-Con and draw all the attention. Others were thinking Hasbro and Disney were quite happy with a leak like this because it assures a lot of attention to the figures right before the official launch.

Most fans, though, were pretty happy and thrilled by the leaks. They couldn’t wait to find out more about the upcoming movie which is set to be released in the movies by the end of the year.

Here are some pictures of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and their packaging.

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