Launceston in the UK has a special village for Charlie Bears plush toys

Launceston in the UK has a special village for Charlie Bears plush toys
Image: Charlie Bears

If you are in Cornwall, UK or nearby, you can drop a visit to a very special place. A Launceston industrial estate has a whole teddy bear village.

It’s in the Pennygillam Industrial Estate, Cornwall Live reports. And it features the history of Charlie Bears plush toys.

All of them are “living” in a small teddy bear village. It’s the Charlie Bears Bearhouse. And it’s something the company is especially proud of.

The Bearhouse in Launceston opened in summer 2016. It’s free to enter for visitors to explore. The teddy bear museum features bears set up in various cabinets and “shops”.

For example you can see teddy bears at the greengrocer, the post office, the bakery and in a toy shop. All of this creates a life-size village from a bear perspective.

The Bearhouse features at least one example of all teddy bears and plush animals that Charlie Bears has designed over the years. This means there are more than 2500 stuffed animals on display in the Bearhouse.

What’s more, Charlie Bears updates the Bearhouse all the time. This means it often gets new displays and toys. Of course, there’s also a gift shop with lots of teddy bears. And you can also request a guided tour. Now that would be quite fun for a school trip for example.