Latest Star Wars toys leave fans asking “Where is Rey?”

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Latest Star Wars toys leave fans asking "Where is Rey?"The latest Star Wars toys have fans asking “Where is Rey?” The reason? Her action figure seems to be missing from the new play sets.

This already happened quite a few times before. Now a new Star Wars Monopoly game features several of The Force Awakens key characters in the movie, but no Rey. This seems to have become a running trend.

One theory is that Rey was a bit of a surprise character in the movie and wasn’t expected to be all that major. It turned out though that Rey was the lead character but probably toy makers were caught off-guard.

The Guardian points out that Rey has been missing from at least two other major play-sets and figurine packs. Hasbro has defended itself that it’s Star Wars Monopoly game is not themed on the latest movie, but on the whole Star Wars franchise. So the figurines picked for the game are of characters that have left a lasting impression.

Would this mean that Rey still has to earn the respect of the fans and become a true and key Star Wars character before she gets featured in play-sets? Probably no. To us it seems like just she was omitted from some sets due to her not being an expected huge character.

However, Disney has claimed that Rey and Phasma are actually featured on hundreds of other toys and products. The reason why fans think Rey and Phasma are not featured enough is because their products get sold out almost immediately and retailers can’t keep up. So, according to Disney, Rey is so popular that she flies off the shelves so fast you can’t even see her.

If you are amongst those fans that want a Rey action figure for example, but haven’t been able to get one, don’t worry. Disney also says that from this month will begin the next wave of Star Wars toys and products and Rey will be featured a lot more there to answer the high demand.