Kmart will accept Toys R Us gift cards with a twist

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Kmart will accept Toys R Us gift cards with a twistToys R Us no longer accepts gift cards. Many clients still have them, though. Kmart is now capitalizing on this by offering them a special way to use their Toys R Us gift cards. And the promotion runs a lot longer, but with a twist.

Fans can bring their Toys R Us gift cards to any Kmart stores from now until July 31st 2018. Each Toys R Us gift card will net you a $10 Kmart Freecash card. The $10 are fixed and are for any amount on the Toys R Us or Babies R Us card.

There’s also a new Toy of the Month program, RetailDive reports. Kmart will give $5 in Freecash points for any $5 or more item bought in the toys department. The company is hoping that all of this attract more Toys R Us customers and will help turn them into regular Kmart customers

Kmart is also having a few issues. Earlier this year the retailer announced it’s closing down 64 Kmart stores. The demise of Toys R Us though creates a new opportunity for turnabout and attracting vital new customers. Kmart hopes they will give enough boost to the sales to heal up the financials of the company. Would that be enough? We will see.

Meanwhile there are some more bad news for the toy industry. Toy maker Spin Master is suing Mattel over a patented mechanism used in Bakugan transforming toys. It’s been a long battle which has no end in sight. But it also shows the state of the toy market. These days┬áthe actual toys seem to have fallen in the background while companies are too busy with business moves. Hopefully the fun in the toy market will return.