Klepto Kitty may overtake Grumpy Cat as the Internet’s favorite cat

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Klepto Kitty may overtake Grumpy Cat as the Internet's favorite catWatch out, Grumpy Cat, you may have competition for the title of the Internet’s favorite cat! Klepto Kitty is going viral because he likes stuffed animals and shoes a bit too much.

We all know cats rarely follow the rules. Well, pretty much never. For them the world is theirs and Klepto Kitty is taking full advantage of that, Good Morning America reports.

Klepto Kitty is actually called Snorri. He is an orange tabby cat from Portland, Oregon. He earned this nickname after developing a habit for relieving the neighbors from their shoes and other random objects they have laying around in the yard, including stuffed animals.

But Snorri isn’t simply bringing one shoe every now and then. It is actually his almost full time occupation. He keeps on bringing random items all the time. In order to determine what exactly is going on, Snorri’s owner Gabbie Hendel installed a “cat collar camera” to track his movements.

The camera was funded through the GoFundMe website and has revealed Klepto Kitty’s work. His favorite are flip-flops, but if he can’t find any, he takes with him random shoes, small clothes, stuffed animals and you name it. The camera is also allowing Gabbie to more easily track down the owners of the stolen goods and return their things back to them.

“It’s a little time consuming, I am a medical student, so we will see how long I can keep it up,” she explained. “I think he is such a funny guy, so much character,” Hendel wrote. “I’m glad that others get a kick out of it!” Snorri has an Instagram account which documents his adventures. And if you think how much can one small cat possibly steal, here is one very telling image with just some of his hauls.

With Klepto Kitty reaching viral status, he may well overtake Grumpy Cat at least for a while. Just think of the funny stuffed toys of Grumpy with various shoes or other smaller stuffies…