Kelltoy introduced the new Flip-A-Mallows from the Squishmallows lineup

Kelltoy introduced the new Flip-A-Mallows from the Squishmallows lineupKellytoy introduced yet another addition to the Squishmallows line. Meet the Flip-A-Mallows. These are new plushies with an interesting concept.

Each Flip-A-Mallows plushie is actually a 2-in-1 stuffed animal. You can reverse it from one character to another.

The first wave comes with six combination for a total of 12 characters. And each toy is coming in two sizes – 5- and 12-inches.

The Flip-A-Mallows first wave offers:

  • Gordon the Shark/Ricky the Clownfish;
  • Reginald the Corgi/Karina the Calico Cat;
  • Dawn the Fawn/Winston the Owl;
  • Devin the Dragon/Esmeralda the Unicorn;
  • Willow the Pegasus/Kimberly the Alpaca; and
  • Sharie the Sloth/Hans the Hedgehog.

All of them are already making their ways to the stores, including online. Some of them will take a few weeks. The official site of the Squishmallows will also offer a three-pack of the 12-inch Flip-A-Mallows. They will be an exclusive for the site only.