Keepy is a new mobile app that saves and shares kids’ creations

Keepy is a new mobile app that saves and shares kids' creations
Image credit: Budsies

Most children love to draw and create. Usually parents place the drawings on the refrigerator door or keep them in a folder. Keepy is a new mobile app that helps out.

It will allow you to bring the artwork into the digital world and share it with your friends and relatives. Keepy can capture images of drawings and schoolwork or it can record a video or add a short voiceover telling the story about the creation.

The app is available on Android and iOS and even comes preloded on the Samsung Galaxy S6 for example. The app’s creators tell the Xconomy that they know people can do these things right now with other apps and services like Facebook for example. These options though can be way too public and they wanted something more private.

Enter Keepy. The app encourages people to comment and actually communicate instead of simply clicking the Like button, Offir Gutelzon, the CEO of Keepy says. There are no ads in Keepy. The free version allows for the recording of up to 15 memories per month. The unlimited version is 30 dollars per year or 5.99 a month but the prices could be changed soon.

Keepy knows that sometimes children can create a very interesting drawing of an unique object or an animal. These too can be turned into a reality, because Keepy is partnering with Budsies. This is a company that can take your children’s drawings and turne them into plush toys.

The app is also negotiating a partnership with Kids Creation Station which will be able to use 3D printers to recreate the objects that the kids have drawn. There are lots of other ways to turn the momeories into real life objects and Keepy will be exploreing them, Gutelzon says. The app is already available and is raising more money from investors so it should be around for a long time.