Keel Toys launches new line of sustainable stuffed animals

Keel Toys launches new line of sustainable stuffed animalsStuffed animals are great, but they can be even better. Keel Toys is launching a new line of 100% recyclable and sustainable plush toys.

The Cuddleco line will feature several plushies from the start. Among them are a giraffe, turtle, monkey, snow leopard and more. Over time the line will add more and more animals.

All of the Cuddleco toys use 100% recycled polyester from plastic waste. They have cotton embroidered eyes and more. Each toy also comes with a sustainable message.

Everything on the stuffed animals is recyclable. This includes even the sews.

“Keel Toys are recognized around the world by the iconic red disc in the ear of each toy, our seal of quality and value. As the first step of our new sustainability initiative, we are delighted to announce that starting from our November factory shipments, all our items will now carry a new Keel Toy icon formed from FSC cardboard, saving plastic on the millions of toys we sell each year,” read a statement from the firm.

The company’s research has pointed out that many materials simply go to waste. “Just to give an example, 16 water bottles will produce enough fiber to make a 30cm toy. While much attention is given to rPET made from plastic bottles and containers thrown away by consumers, in reality polyethylene terephthalate can be recycled from both post-industrial and post-consumer input materials,” said Keel Toys.

“We are proud to say that we have already phased in the 100 per cent use of recycled polyester stuffing in all our toys. The next step for us was to design a fully sustainable range.” The new stuffed animals are already making their way to the stores, so keep an eye out.