K-Kids and students will donate stuffed animals to cancer survivors

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K-Kids and students will donate stuffed animals to cancer survivorsStudents from the Old Kings Elementary school and K-Kids will donate stuffed animals to cancer survivors as part of their Relay for Life campaign. Even though the initiative will be on April 8th and 9th, the children are already working hard on the preparation.

K-Kids’ leader is Hailey Sands who is a fifth-grader at the Old Kings Elementary school. Her group awards each cancer survivor a medallion before the annual walk around Central Park, at Town Center, and they will be waiting for the walkers at the end with a stuffed animal to give out to each of them, The Palm Coast Observer reports.

Her sister, Zoe, was a member two years ago, so Hailey joined a year early. K-Kids is for fourth through sixth grade students. Now, according to club sponsor, Lauren Schiller, Hailey runs the weekly meetings on her own. Schiller is merely a required adult presence.

Schiller adds that stuffed animals are a vital part of the campaign. “When my mom had cancer, she received a stuffed animal, and she kept it with her. I have it now in my bedroom because I know how much it meant to her. I know this is a worthwhile thing because I have personally seen how important it is to them,” Schiller says.

Currently the K-Kids group is accepting donations in the form of stuffed animals. There are already hundreds of stuffed animals gathered thanks to a toy drive at the school. Each of the stuffies will be tagged with a Kiwanis card. As you can expect, there are all kinds of stuffed animals that have been received.

Now the K-Kids are actively working on the preparation of the event. They are also involved in several other community projects like beach cleaning up, Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards, food drives, clothing drives.

In K-Kids clubs worldwide, more than 36,000 children are learning leadership through service. They’re taking on the responsibility of running a K-Kids club as they plan and participate in community service projects. They assist the elderly with chores or organize community food drives. They serve their schools, raising funds for sports equipment and extracurricular activities