Jungle Plush is crowdfunding a stuffed T-Rex toy

Jungle Plush is crowdfunding a stuffed T-Rex toy
Image credit: Jungle Plush

According to the new company Jungle Plush, there is not a cool enough stuffed T-Rex out there. So the company is crowdfunding a project to create one.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most popular dinosaur by a huge margin. It is the one everyone knows and can recognize. It is often the first association made when you hear the word dinosaur.

Jungle Plush says they want to have the coolest plush T-Rex in their store, but can’t find one. So the company has started to make one on its own.

First they have made sketch drawings of the end result. It is a scary looking plush T-Rex for sure. Then, using computer software, Jungle Plush has made a 3D model of the plush T-Rex of their dreams. It is an important step as it gives an idea of what parts will be needed and how the overall making of the toys will go.

Now Jungle Plush is up to the final stage of the project. Making the first plush T-Rex toys. They have set up a crowdfunding campaign that aims to fund the first 250 units of their plush T-Rex. This will help bring the toy to the market and if they sell, then the plush T-Rex will live on. If no, the backers of the campaign will have an exclusive limited edition stuffed animal.

Jungle Plush is aiming to continue to make other stuffed animals as well. This includes other types of stuffed dinosaurs that will “reflect the true nature of the animals and that children would really enjoy playing with”.

The company is looking to make an entire line of stuffed animals. Jungle Plush also plans to donate part of its profits to organizations that will help preservation of wildlife. The crowdfunding campaign is active for 34 more days until April 5th 2015 and the target amount is just 1000 British Pounds.