Joy In The Cause organization has donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals

Joy In The Cause organization has donated almost 40 000 stuffed animalsJoy In The Cause is a young non-profit organization. For just three years it has gathered and donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals to emergency services.

Joy In The Cause is run by Lisa Bain. Seven years ago she gave a Mavis Pearl stuffed dog to a 10-year-old girl who was deadly sick in the hospital.

Sadly, the girl passed away. Her mother told Bain she needs to do a similar gesture for others. So, Bain took that to heart and started Joy In The Cause.

It’s giving away Mavis Pearl stuffed dogs. They are dressed in various costumes in accordance with the institution they will be given to.

For example, they can wear a variety of costumes from tutus to military uniforms, the Lincoln Journal Star reports. Joy In The Cause gives out stuffed animals to hospitals, retirement centers, military bases around the world. The organization also makes backpacks which gives to Tulsa’s police officers, the fire department, EMSA, LifeFlight and others. Now there are even stuffed toys making their way to the Tulsa County District Court for children who are called to testify.

Today, the organization is very busy. It also sent plushies and blankets all over Oklahoma and abroad to deployed military personnel. Team members also make regular visits to ill patients in hospitals. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. And it brings much needed comfort to a lot of people in need.