JiXiang Factory makes unique custom plush animals

JiXiang Factory makes unique custom plush animalsJiXiang Factory is a Chinese manufacturer of stuffed animals. It focuses on making unique toys like glowing teddy bears and other custom plushies.

The company is making a wide arrange of stuffed animals, plush toys and dolls. It is aiming to achieve competitive prices and it is open for both wholesale and retail, a company representative told StuffedParty.com.

JiXiang Factory creates a lot of stuffed animals. One of them is a glowing teddy bear that can be used as a flashlight. It is 22 cm tall and ideal for children who are afraid of the dark. The glowing teddy bear will be their guardian at night.

The glowing teddy bear features several different colored lights that are built in. It is made out of soft plush and cotton. Ideal for hugging.

The Flying Monkey stuffed animal

Another interesting toy from the JiXiang portfolio is the customized Flying Monkey. It is a superhero monkey that will save the day and will also be a protector from the dark. The stuffed animal is 25 cm tall and features a cape and a mask.

The monkey features built-in elastic arms which can be used to send it flying through the air. As we know, all real superheroes fly! This monkey is no exception!