Jiffpom Cutelife collectible plushies are coming to the UK

Jiffpom Cutelife collectible plushies are coming to the UKThe world’s most followed dog Jiffpom has its own line of toys. The collectible stuffed animals are now coming to the UK with Re:Creation.

As a result, fans of the cute dog in the UK will be able to get the Jiffpom Cutelife range. The dog has more than 30 million followers on social media and is one of the most popular influencers.

So, it’s not surprising to find out it has its own line of toys. It was launched in 2018 and features several 10-inch tall collectible plush animals. They are all of Jiffpom who is dressed in various outfits.

“Jiffpom is simply a phenomenon. He has a social following most celebrities would envy and is a friend to the stars too. He might be small in size but he is undeniably huge in fame. The toy collection offers the perfect way for Jiffpom fans to enjoy his cute-life at home”, Re:creation General Manager, Adrian Mayes, says to ToyNews.

So, keep you eyes peeled as Jiffpom’s stuffed animals are coming very soon.