Jeju’s Teddy Bear Museum lands among the 10 most popular museums in the world

Jeju's Teddy Bear Museum lands among the 10 most popular museums in the worldYou’re probably tired of hearing it, but we have to say it again. We all love stuffed animals. Now Jeju’s Teddy Bear museum is among the most popular of all.

Chinese tourists love to travel around the world and check out the most interesting places. According to a survey by the China National Tourism Administration, Chinese tourists love teddy bears.

In fact, they love them so much, they have placed Jeju’s Teddy Bear Museum among their 10 most popular museums in the world. The museum comes in at number 8.

Jeju’s Teddy Bear Museum is in South Korea. It features around 3000 teddy bears including some unique ones. Among them is a bear with a Louis Vuitton theme. Another bear is encrusted with jewels for a total of 125 carats.

There’s also a section in the museum where teddy bears are dressed like famous people, historical scenes and so on. Another section recreates famous paintings and art works with teddy bears.

All of this makes the Teddy Bear Museum very popular with tourists. They come and not only see cool stuffed animals, but experience stories, learn more about history and many more. Last year alone more than 150 000 Chinese tourists have visited the museum. This makes 30% of the museum’s total visitors for the year.

There are four other teddy bear museums in South Korea. They are in Goseong, Yeosu, Gyeongju and Gunsan. Also in 2012, in China, the first teddy bear museum opened in Chengdu. This year the second one opened in Hainan. So, if you want to check out teddy bear museums, China and South Korea are the places to go.